Thursday, 5 May 2016

Minneapolis Arts trip

The Westwood Collegiate Visual Arts, Graphic Tech and Photography students and staff traveled to Minneapolis, Minnesota for a three day tour of a variety of visual arts galleries and venues. The first day of the tour was spent at the Walker Art Institute with a guided tour of some of the temporary exhibits and a workshop based on colour and mood. The tour then delved into the world of computer arts with a visit to Pixel Farms Creative Studios, a company creating commercials and films right from green screen work to soundtracks. The second day featured a self-guided tour of the Minneapolis Institute of Arts, which houses arts from antiquity to modern times. The Minneapolis Photo Centre was next on the itinerary where students and staff enjoyed several genres of photographic art, as well as visited the wet dark rooms of developing negatives and printing on photo paper, rather than digital format photography. The last day of the tour meant a visit to the campus of the University of Minnesota and the iconic art gallery, the Weisman Art Museum. This famous gallery is in itself a work of art and yet houses a variety of modern and contemporary art works. The trip was a huge success with many valuable experiences and influences.

Catharine Teichroew, Westwood Department Head of the Arts

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